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Benefits of M-Commerce

Benefits of M-Commerce

Mobile commerce is the latest development in the retail industry and, in fact, the future of the retailing sector all over the world. Mobile commerce, an advanced version of e-commerce, is proven to be an added advantage for businesses and retailers since customers shop extensively over the mobile. The mobile usage of internet for shopping has increased immensely over the recent years and is expected to surpass the usage of desktop by the end of 2014. Thus, it has become essential for all retailers around the world to implement m-commerce in their marketing strategies so as to expand their sales and business base.

Mobile commerce, also termed as m-commerce is the best e-commerce design that guarantees results in the highly technologized and mobile world of today. For businesses and retailers, seeking a growth in sales and commerce, mobile commerce is the latest secret to success since there are a large number of smartphone users in the world who use internet on their mobile phones to shop extensively. A survey conducted recently suggests that more than half of mobile phone users in six countries across the world switched from feature phones to smartphones by the end of 2012. This suggests that mobile commerce has a great scope for advancement in the years to come.

There are several ways that a commerce website that is optimized for mobile shopping or a commercial app will deliver for your business growth. A few merits of mobile commerce for retailers can be listed as under.

Mobile commerce is cost-efficient:

Mobile commerce implementation by retailers is absolutely cost-effective and highly advantageous for business. Targeting your consumers through mobile commerce can help a retailer cut down on the showroom costs and concentrate more on developing their website and application for mobile usage by consumers. Also, retailers can use their existing websites for mobile commerce which makes it further cost-effective.

Target large audiences:

Mobile commerce offers retailers the advantage of a wide reach that can help target an increased rate of customers and induce higher sales. Smartphones are used on a large scale by consumers of varied age groups that also helps retailers to sort their target audiences well and thus implement m-commerce in a better way. Consumers are known to use mobiles to access the internet and shop from mobile websites since it provides for a defined ease and comfort.

Advantage of mobile commerce applications:

Mobile commerce applications are faster and easier to use which is why they are chosen widely by consumers for shopping from their mobile phones. Developing their mobile commerce applications thus helps retailers to make business customer-centric and convenient so that shopping gets a boost. Some of the greatest e-commerce websites and retailers all over the world have implemented this strategy to target customers better and prompt sales.

The trends in mobile commerce have changed drastically over the recent years. A research conducted in this regard reveals that 1 out of 3 people who receive mobile alerts are driven to a store. Out of these, over 27 per cent make a purchase. Also, 30 per cent of shoppers planned to access social media from their smartphones while shopping and about 43 per cent of mobile shoppers downloaded a retail app.


Digital Marketing : A Productive Strategy

Digital Marketing :

Setting up a business and managing its operations well so as to achieve prosperity and an impressive position in the market was never an easy task. Most businesses today struggle to maintain an attractive and top position in the market which is why retailers and enterprises resort to employing innovative strategies such as digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a strategy for effective and assured progress in the digital world; both large as well as relatively smaller enterprises opt for digital marketing services that a strategic and remarkable. Digital marketing, in the simplest words, can be defined as marketing and advertising products, brands and services on the online platform. This is a combination of various activities that broadly include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM) or PPC and Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Each of the activities listed above have their own relevance in helping a business acquire market and customers at the local, regional, national and even global level.


The Digital Marketing Advantage

The usage of the internet has increased manifold over the last few decades. In fact, the current and the next generations are highly well-versed with the usage and application of the internet which is why digital marketing sees a great scope in today’s world. One of the greatest advantages of using digital media for business marketing is that is highly cost effective and reasonable compared to all the other media.

The digital media also offers a global reach so that one can target the right audience effectively and with demonstrated ease and convenience. The internet media further ensures obtaining instant feedback and comments from consumers that can be immensely useful and profitable for any traditional and web business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A number of studies and surveys conducted on the usage of internet globally reveal that over 4 million people globally use Google to search for information, products and services. Research also reveals that about 53% of people globally trust and opt for the services of businesses that rank on the top of the Google search results page. Apart from Google, top search engines such as Bing are also used by people for searching and sourcing our information. Therefore it is essential for any business to employ strategies and tactics that can help a website get a top ranking on Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a productive digital marketing strategy that can help get your business and retail website on the #1 rank on Google and other search engines such as Bing. SEO can also be location based and help people in nearby location opt for your products and services.

Search Engine Management (SEM) or PPC


Advertising has always been one of the major activities of marketing for businesses, both traditional as well as web businesses. Search Engine Management (SEM) or Pay Per Click is a strategy opted by many businesses these days that is phenomenal in getting an increased number of clicks to your website, blogs and landing pages. Pay Per Click services deal with analyzing your advertising budget and thus devising strategies that help promote your brands and services online to obtain the best results and benefits that can be measured.

SEM is carried out on Google and even on leading social media websites with multiple users such as Facebook and Twitter. Advertising on these helps optimize your landing pages and also engage target audiences. Not only does it offer a global reach but also generates leads that can be transformed into consumers.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

socialmedia2In today’s digitized world, everyone is on social media. In fact, the number of user accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Digg, Pinterest, Blogger, YouTube, etc have risen manifold in the last few years that makes social media an effective and efficient instrument for business marketing.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) deals with creating and maintaining accounts and fan pages on leading social media networks and updating them regularly with creative posts and offers. Social media accounts and fan pages instantly earn the attention of target audiences and thus work wonders for business.

SMO helps a business to socialize and interact with its customers and target audiences and also monitor the results.

Dawn of the Digital Marketing Era

Digital Marketing is thus among the most productive and promising strategies of marketing for businesses in real time. With its rising scope, we are surely seeing the dawn of the digital marketing era today!