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Omnichannel commerce delivered


OctaShop has over 10 years of experience in supporting diverse products online for some of the big brand names. With our experience and expertise in local as well as global retail business, OctaShop provides the best consulting service for your business.

OctaShop will help you with selecting the right OctaShop solution that will support and be specific to your business flow and product category. OctaShop can suggest on an on-going basis any product improvements or changes that are aimed to enhance the efficiency of your business and customer satisfaction.

With OctaShop’s consulting service, you get a faster design and quicker time to market cycle for newer features. OctaShop also offers you with the appropriate server hosting environment and support any up-gradation of hardware and its maintenance, if required. OctaShop also offer premium CDN services, digital marketing strategy and logistics solution.

OctaShop provides you with consulting services on areas like:

  • Premium CDN Server
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • E-Commerce Solution