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Omnichannel commerce delivered

Technology Services


OctaShop platform is designed to allow for customization, flexibility, adaptability, in terms of design and configuration so that it suits the fast changing needs of any e-commerce business. OctaShop's in-house technology platform is highly scalable based on business size and number of transactions to be performed besides being integration friendly to a host of 3rd party solution providers.

Affiliate Management

OctaShop has its own affiliate management module that allows your business to get maximum exposure in creating a retail E-Commerce marketplace and thus improves sales. OctaShop affiliate module, with its multi-channel capability helps to track down all your running campaigns and is also versatile with every affiliate.

Marketplace Management

OctaShop Marketplace Management Module allows your various products to reach the customers. Multi-Tenant system allows you to upload the products and also manage multiple products which permits you to create multiple categories through your brand or company. OctaShop Marketplace Management Module brings different providers on one platform and this in turn helps to manage all your orders and products at one place.

Web and Mobile Commerce – a seamless Omni Channel Retailing Experience

OctaShop looks over all the possibilities and medium that will boost your sales and thus innovates an effective Enterprise Mobility Solution for E-commerce businesses. OctaShop takes your business to all hand held and desktop devices and provides you with best suited mobile & tablet commerce solution. OctaShop creates mobile apps and also makes your website mobile friendly so that your customers get a real-time mobile online shopping experience.

With mobile commerce solution:

  • OctaShop develops a native mobile application through Android, IOS and Windows platform.
  • OctaShop sites are of responsive design and hence it makes the website mobile compatable too.
  • Ease the Mobile Payment.
  • Supports QR codes and barcodes.
  • Location based Tracking and Promotion.
  • Provides Dashboard Reporting.


OctaShop believes in upgrading and enhancing the application with two new releases annually. Due to dedicated efforts of the in-house team, we provide your business with newer and better support. Such features enhancements shall deployed with customers in the form of new patches from time to time.


With OctaShop CRM module, it helps for better interaction with the customers and hence provide a better service. OctaShop enables you to keep a track of customer data that will help you to know about the buying behavior, customer's purchase history and different offers and so on. With OctaShop's CRM module, you can aim to make your products and services better.

With OctaShop CRM module:

  • Your Customers profile will be centralized at call channels.
  • Managing customer complains.
  • Better Online customer support.
  • Improvement on customer's database.
  • Helps to generate leads


Order Management system is far beyond order processing and entries. With OctaShop OMS, it becomes easy to handle multiple orders with ease. This OMS streams your order management across different channels and lets you focus on the core aspects of your business.

OctaShop OMS Provides:

  • Better synchronizing and managing of orders across every channels.
  • Tracking the order until last mile delivery.
  • Provides better workflow.
  • Seemingly managing customer credit.
  • Improving order lifecycle.

Business to Business E-Commerce (B2B)

OctaShop seeks to understand the various models of client's business and provides an effective B2B E-Commerce software solution. The E-Commerce B2B module automates the complete business process between you and distributors, dealers network.
The solution supports Online Shopping Store Front along with Order Management System and User Authorization, thus thereby it improves efficiency in the trade business and also opens a door for a new distributor / dealer enquiry from our offerings. OctaShop employs latest state of the art technology to offer the distinct and best B2B E-commerce and Multi-Channel Ecommerce Solutions and create a platform for easy and effective communication between the trade by which you can gain a better control of the business, eliminates paper work to an extent and can establish visibility on a centralized network for all your branch offices and sales depots.

Business to Customer E-Commerce (B2C)

OctaShop offers B2C E-commerce solution for Small Business as well to a Medium - large enterprise for customers who wishes to develop an Online Store for your brand within different product categories for all required for establishing e-retail business. The Web commerce solution creates Online Web store front design and automates Order Management Process, Inventory Management, Promotions, CRM, Seamless Integration with 3rd Party tools, Affiliate Management, Web and Mobile Commerce along with Comparison Engine Feeds.

3rd Party Integration

OctaShop platform is flexible enough to integrate your existing API's with our API's with an ease. OctaShop platform take care of all your application with your existing processes like Warehouse, PLM, F&A, SCM and so on.

Octashop Integration Includes:

  • Better ERP Integration
  • Better Integration with warehouse
  • Better Integration with ESBs
  • Real time, Store-base inventory checks
  • EOD settlement
  • Product Level Synchronization
  • Inventory Level Synchronization

Business Process Mapping

OctaShop web-commerce technology is flexible enough that helps to support your growth. OctaShop Web-commerce technology not only helps to give a better growth, but also helps to manage the changes on your existing business.

OctaShop Web-Commerce Technology Provides You With:

  • Easily Mapping To Any Business Process
  • Better Workflow
  • Better web-commerce engine

Web Performance Monitoring

OctaShop has an excellent tracking and monitoring capabilities through which it becomes easy any retailer or e-commerce business to track their data and monitor their sales. This will help them to enhance their sales.