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Omnichannel commerce delivered

Hosting Services

Our real relationship begins when we hand over the deployment to you. Post that our Managed Services team will help your business have a worry free experience for all service related areas around the OctaShop platform so that you can focus on business.

OctaShop offers your business a safe environment for hosting the solution.

Services offered are:

  • On Premises Hosting Service:
    This service allows you to do hosting from your end.
  • Hosted Solution:
    OctaShop provides you with a reliable support and a stable hosting environment that can be closely monitored with our tie-ups with leading data centers.

CDN Hosting Service

CDN Hosting with OctaShop will help your website to reduce server load time, scalability while enhancing a better online performance. OctaShop helps you to manage your cost by paying only for what you use and offers great flexibility to increase the bandwidth limit as your business grows which will help you to accommodate and meet the growing demands.

With this service OctaShop give a seamless tool to manage your content. OctaShop ensures that your website gets a robust performance and rich content with no loss in the performance.