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Board of Directors

Vikash Sinha

Mr. Vikash Sinha

Octashop eRetail Services Private Ltd.

Mr. Vikash Sinha (Director)

Mr. Sinha, the Director of Octashop eRetail Services Private Ltd. is primarily responsible for directing the various off-shore programs at Octashop in the capacity of a technical advisor. A graduate alumnus of ISM, he is a hardcore banking technology expert, with more than 9 years of experience, gained through architecting various retail banking products for customers in USA, India and West Africa. He has also successfully implemented projects on product design, development and implementation using web-centric and client/server technologies for global product companies

In 1998 Mr. Sinha co-promoted Design Expo and looked after the technology operations till the company was acquired by a Canada based global financial technology player SLMsoft Inc. In 2001 he took over as the product owner and architect of their retail banking system product wherein he was primarily responsible to design the next generation banking product.

Mr. Sinha is an excellent technology administrator and is known for his sharp technical acumen and organizational skills. His other interests include amateur astronomy and Indian philosophy.