Octashop is featured in SM Gartner Logo report 2018

In light of our continuous quest for product innovation and delivering customer excellence, Gartner did recognize OctaShop amongst the global cool vendors' year 2012. OctaShop is a one stop shop for acquiring a world class globally scalable technology platform, while also being able to receive an entire boutique of managed services like Website Design, Technical Support, Hosting, CDN, Digital Marketing and Logistics, which helps businesses to go Online within the shortest time and with complete confidence in the ongoing support and sustainability of the solution.



Creating highly scalable globally competitive omni-channel commerce - OctaShop Commerce platform has been architected with a core engine concept across multiple categories and business models and it allows for great degree of flexibility to customize the product offering based on client needs.
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Omnichannel Enablement

In globalization & digital era, digital eCommerce has become essential across all industries. Now-a-day's consumers expect personalized and seamless shopping experience across platforms like website, mobile devices, call center or in brick mortar stores.
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Octashop Integra

Enterprise Integration Platform
Integra : It is the platform to bring any two system closer. It's an component based integration plateform to establish seamless connectivity between heterogeneous system with different message format and with very little configuration.
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