It is the platform to bring any two system closer

It's an component based integration platform to establish seamless connectivity between heterogeneous system with different message format and with very little configuration. Components are backbone of this product. Types of Components like EndPoint, Normalizer, Splitter, Aggregator, Auditor, SecurityManager, Transformer,Throttler and Message Enricher completes this Product. All the components are governed by Integra Engine and also the heart of Product. Engine is responsible for build up Integration channel backed with components and manage life cycle of Component during execution plan. The product comes with salient features like Report engine, scheduler, caching, api licensing, throttling, Graphical visualization of activity, UI based server support and various event notifier. Configurable channel security with security technology such as JWT Token, OAuth Token, HTTPS, SFTP, Basic Auth.

Integra Solution

Integra Functionalities


API Library


Partner Management




Graphical Visualization


Support Center


Integration Wizard


API Schedular Management


Audit Log

Integra enables the possibility to develop API endpoints without real Application server through a simple backend. This empowers the solution for many predefined actions to interact with other system. Like, create an API based on a SQL database.

Integra Product Features


Project Lifecycle

Development, Staging, Production



Authentication & Authorization (OAuth 2.0)


Monetization & Optimization

Each request process can be audited and monetized for ROI optimization


Request Optimization

Capping and Staggering of request


API Subscriptions & Distribution


API Versioning

For multiple consumers


API Virtualization

On-the-fly API Builder


API Scoping

Each Consumer and Application can be limited to scopes to request only specific parts of the API.



API can generate and accept multiple data format as desire by consumer and system.



Any customizable processing can be handled using Adaptor

Architecture Features

Single-facade Deployment

One or Multiple System can enable their API for Subscription and Distribution to End Consumer

Multi-facade Deployment

Integra enable one or many system API for Subscription and Distribution to End Consumer and also become Consumer of APIs from other configured Systems.

Technical Features


Java-Based System


Scalable and Stable Framework


Solution Visualiser


Enterprise Interface Repository


Advance Adaptor Engine with Extension support


Live Data Flow Monitor


Data Flow Analysis and Reprocessing


On-Premises and Cloud Enabled Solution

Technical Capabilities

Horizontal and Vertical Scalibility

5000 TPS with Oracle

Integra Integration Management
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