Octashop provides an End to end e-commerce solution

OctaShop is not just an e-commerce vendor. We partner with our clients to grow their businesses year on year with innovative solutions. OctaShop provides end-to-end solutions namely.

Information Gathering

Business Structuring

Our experienced Business analysts will undertake a requirement gathering session with customers after showing the OctaShop Commerce product. The team will then map your business structure to the modules and recommend a best-case solution while customizing the finer details for you.

Web Design

Our web design team will be delighted to understand your brand personality and help create vibrant choices of design to excite your end consumer. We do not restrict wireframe or template sizes and allow total degrees of freedom here. After all front end is the critical success factor for the business.

Web Designing Services
UI/UX Designing Services


Our HTML design team will use the latest HTML 5 / CSS 3 tools for creating fluidity in the front end through Responsive design which will be further accentuated into an enhanced customer experience through articulated navigation and call for action buttons to simplify browsing and buying.

Business Process Workflow

The core strength of the OctaShop Commerce platform and the most defining part of business efficiency. OctaShop backend largely the EDM, the OMS and fulfillment workflow is highly automated with great opportunity to customize the structure based on category and business definitions.

Business Processing
Third Party Integration

3rd Party Integrations

OctaShop Commerce is a comprehensive plug-and-play system with readily built APIs that can be used to integrate all peripheral enablers like Payment Gateways, SMS / e-mail gateways, Chat, ERPs, logistic partners, and other Market Places / Affiliates with utmost ease. Just get us an integrative API and we are good to go.

Database Configuration

OctaShop Commerce uses a default My SQL database but can be used with other databases too like Oracle for example.

Database Configuration
Web Designing Services


Our web trainers will help you to get acquainted with the system’s front end and back end and train your hands to handle various routine operational matters.


The post Go live, our Managed Services team will help you host and maintain your network, provide for CDN, Content Services, Technical support with AMC, Digital Marketing to grow traffic and conversions as well as provide you consulting services to add on features to grow your business and delight customers.

Digital Marketing Services