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In globalization & digital era, digital eCommerce has become essential across all industries. Now-a-day's consumers expect personalized and seamless shopping experience across platforms like website, mobile devices, call center or in brick mortar stores. Yet many retail companies are finding it difficult to make smooth transition from physical stores to online presence, creating business strategies based on seamless & personalized consumer engagement & getting access to holistic data across platforms to present a unified company presence.

To be successful in this interconnected environment, retail companies should enhance customer experience and focus on improving customer engagement across channels. OctaShop Omniware eCommerce solution is a perfect coherence between Marketplace & Physical Store.

Omni Channel Roadmap
Digital Strategy and Roadmap

OctaShop creates customer-focused digital/Omni channel transformation strategies to fit our client's organizations, with roadmaps that deliver benefits all along the way and allow ample opportunities to learn from customers.

Omni Channel Platform
Ecommerce Re-platforming

Meet customers demand of a robust & digital channel using OctaShop expertise in developing & maintaining a diverse digital channel capable of having micro sites, international, responsive web design and business user controls.

Omni Channel Integration
Cross-Channel Integration

OctaShop Omni channel solution provides a holistic & seamless experience across every touch point, by refurbishing client's supply chains, site and store operations, marketing, merchandising and many more.

Omni Channel Market Place Solution

Omni Channel Solutions




Commision &
Fee Setup


Service Point Onboarding


Product Information Management (PIM)


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)










Order Fulfillment
from Omni Channel


Multiple Inventory Fulfillment with Sellers


Merchandising Category


Buy online, pick
up at store


Seller & Fulfillment Center


Data de-duplication


Seller or Brands affiliate Shops


Product Quality Maintenance


Logistic & Postal Code Serviceability


Bulk Data Processing

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