Developing an customized online store with OctaShop is easy way to grow your business

The Web commerce solution creates Online Web storefront design and automates Order Management processes, Inventory Management, Promotions, CRM, Seamless Integration with 3rd Party tools, Affiliate Management, Web and Mobile Commerce. OctaShop Innovative B2C eCommerce Solutions addresses all Business parameters required for a successful portal. Targeting the audience through SEO management and Understanding the Customer Buying cycle, Banding to increase market visibility, and Personalization are the few readily available modules in the OctaShop B2C eCommerce solution.


Developing a customized online store with OctaShop is an easy way to grow your business.


Customized Online Store

OctaShop system completed 18 years of experience in e-commerce & can build an online store with customized business needs.


Grow Your Business

Today’s people like to have shopping experience will be easy to both online & offline stores. OctaShop helps to grow businesses to build their online brand portal.


Integrated Online & Offline Store

OctaShop provides seamless integration to online & offline stores for real-time inventory & product stock updates.

OctaShop powered B2C website will boost your business growth with Online & Offline stores


No boundry to reach customer

As we know, “Customer is the king of Market” OctaShop build solution to reach customers in many ways – Online website, Mobile Apps, TV Commerce, CRM.


Traffic to your offline Stores

OctaShop E-commerce websites are having a seamless experience to offline & online stores. With this functionality offline stores getting more footfall to the stores.


Seamless inventory allocation

OctaShop architected to scale horizontally and vertically for business continuity & maintains distributed inventory to all different channels.