Establish a powerful and business efficient online presence which in turn will help them create an Omni-channel presence for better customer convenience and experience.

Market Requirement Product Technology

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Unified Seller
Management Layer


Reporting Tool

OmniWare enhancement

OmniWare enhancement is in process to adapt product quality management with following:

  • Product Quality Assurance work flow
  • Product Media Quality Assurance
  • De-duplication Process
  • Product filtering and approval based on different buckets for Quality check
  • Dynamic Product check Business rule enablement

This functionality has many features as product listing, media listing. We aim to enhance PLM with following functionalities.

  • Preproduction – Product Listing(Preordering Enablement)
  • Product Rejection Workflow:
    • – Enrichment and Correction of Product
    • – Enrichment and Correction of Media
  • Attribute Management – Modeling
  • Dynamic Product On-boarding
  • Channel based product enablement

OmniWare will have integrated delivery app for Hyper Local Logistics

  • Electronic Signature
  • Route Management
  • GPS Tracking
    • – Work Online & Offline
  • Mobile Payment

Omniware is having Logistic Service tightly coupled with existing functionalities.

New enhancement will enable a separate layer for Logistic Management with following major features.

  • Smart Logistic Assignment
  • Logistic Tracking
  • Logistic Service related charges
  • Switchover Logistic Partner
  • Categories based Logistic Service Flow

New Cloud and Mobile based POS System will be enabled with the following functionalities.

  • Mobile Native POS and Cloud based Web POS
  • Can work online and offline
  • Allow to register self managed promotions in store, Inventories, generating of invoice slip
  • Mobile and Tablet POS will enable to scan product and create order list

Omniware will enable comprehensive Brand Management Workflow with following functionalities.

  • Pre-define work flow of Brand On-barding
  • Approval Process of Brand On-barding
  • Pre-approve Product Listing
  • Media Enrichment
  • Association of Brand Approved Sellers

Omniware will have a separate module for warehouse management with following features.

  • Stand alone system, which allows operation team to manage all inventories in a warehouse
  • It enables operation or warehouse team to perform all the business operation performed in warehouse like Accounting of goods inventory, storage location
  • Aging of products
  • Profit Vs cost in term of Storage cost
  • Material management
  • Automatic Customer Service Solution on digital channel
  • Multi Lingual
  • Automatic Evolution of meanings (Machine Learning)
  • Prediction of Next question (Machine Learning)

Omniware will redesign and realign the UI for ease of user journey. Following are under consideration for the same:

  • Using new technology used cases
  • Multilingual Interface
  • Click & Reserve
  • Seller Rating & Performance & Grievances
  • TAX Module Enhancement
  • Commission & Fees Enhancement
  • Technology Enhancement