Creating highly scalable globally competitive omni-channel commerce - OctaShop Commerce platform has been architected with a core engine concept across multiple categories and business models and it allows for great degree of flexibility to customize the product offering based on client needs, it is vertically and horizontally scalable and can be adapted across multiple organisations, product categories and geographies with utmost ease.

  • OctaShop Product is now in its 5th Version and has all the globally required features in line with the global scale vendors in the same space. Our real expertise is to custom develop solutions based on product category, business structure & geography. OctaShop product has capabilities to offer solutions across all business models i.e. B2C, Market Place with high complexity, B2B, B2E, C2C and B2B2C.
  • OctaShop currently operates out of India with customers spread across the Indian sub-continent, Middle East, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.
  • The OctaShop Product is developed on a strong & robust Java J2EE platform and uses MySQL as the default database though we have worked on Oracle too. The system is having plug and play capabilities for integration with all 3rd party service providers across geographies.
  • OctaShop solutions are completely Omni channel enabled and creates for a seamless experience for our client customers both online and offline.
  • In light of our continuous quest for product innovation and delivering customer excellence, a global technology research company did recognize OctaShop amongst the global prefered vendors' during last few years.
  • OctaShop is end to end in technology (business consulting, web designing, HTML, development, implementation) and end to end in managed services (server hosting, CDN, Application Support, Digital Marketing) and hence a one stop shop for acquiring a world-class globally scalable omni-channel technology platform, while also being able to receive an entire boutique of managed services for long term sustainability of the solution.
  • Truly omni-channel capable.
  • Fully customizable solution to suit your business definitions.
  • Flexible and adaptable to integrate with all kinds of ERP solutions, integrate with your Affiliates / Aggregators & other 3rd party solutions like Logistics, Loyalty programs, Augmented Reality etc.
  • Multi-organisation / multiple business models can be enabled on the same instance.
  • We have proven deployments in all business models be it B2C, B2B, B2E, C2C, B2B2C, Marketplace & hybrid models.
  • Proven scalability upto 50,000 transactions a day.
  • Multi-lingual / Multi-currency.
  • Proven capability to handle Multi-million SKU's with optimal site speed.
  • Extensive Promotions module to match in store activity.
  • Call centre module ? integrated thru Dialer & IVR payment system + COD. TV commerce / TV schedulers too we have been first market movers
  • Content Management System (Ease of data uploads, multi organization / multi lingual capabilities)
  • Campaign Management System - tracking sources from where the campaign received responses.
  • OMS - comprehensively configured to enable ease of operations with complete automation and data management.
  • Creation of Web POS
  • We partner you for a host of after deployment services including technical / application support, server hosting & support, CDN, as well as digital marketing as a true ongoing business partner.
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