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E-Retails Services
  • OctaShop e-Retail Services, the preferred technology partner, to enable India's largest retailer's online businesses with its enterprise level technology solution.
  • OctaShop complete E-commerce solution for establishing online store businesses ensuring with a new channel sales growth expansion and development in the competitive retail market.
Omni Channel Solutions
  • OctaShop brings more than 15+ years of expertise in the retail e-commerce technology solution.
  • OctaShop having right fit solutions which are scalable, customizable & adaptable for E-commerce companies who wish to delight customers with Multi channel & Omni channel capabilities.

Octashop is featured in Gartner report 2018

Gartner Awards
  • In light of our continuous quest for product innovation and delivering customer excellence, Gartner did recognize OctaShop amongst the Global cool vendors' year 2012 & Asia Pacific Recommended Platform in 2016.
  • OctaShop is a one stop shop for acquiring a world class globally scalable technology platform and being a proprietary in-house developed software, has gone through continuous enhancements, year on year, to keep pace with the fast changing client-shopper dynamics in the online space.

Octashop Overview


Started in 2003 to enable Indian e-retail & brick-and- mortar business to go online with a reliable Enterprise Product.



Octashop Ver 1.0 Consistent YoY
product roadmap ? we engineered a
robust & scalable solution that
powered many reputed business.


Online venture started by promoters
- currently among the top 10
ecommerce operations
in India.



Developed OctaShop Ver 4.5
Multi-Channel Market Place Enabler. Recognized by Gartner amongst the
Global cool vendor in 2012.


Evolutions of new product - OmniWare
? a true Omni-Channel business
enabler product.



First OmniWare implementation in Southeast Asia with one of the India?s largest multinational conglomerate.


Introduced INTEGRA Ver 3.3 - It is an component based integration platform
to established seamless connectivity
to bring any two system closer.



OmniWare along with OctaShop enterprise will
be de-f.acto solutions for retailer. POS, Mobility, AI, IoT and other channels will be advanced or added.

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